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5th August 2017 – Reflections

5th August 2017 – Reflections
August 4, 2017 admin

Reflections in water are amazing as they mirror the landscape perfectly and when the water is still sometimes you cannot tell which is the reflection. But not all reflections are in water. When I worked in Coventry I used to attend the early morning communion service on a Sunday in the Cathedral. There is a beautiful Baptistry window made up of panes of coloured glass. Early in the morning the sun floods the window with light and the reflection of the window is projected onto the wall opposite. When you go into the cathedral and walk between the window and wall you get dappled with the light.

One morning as I walked into the Cathedral I realised that the reflection on the wall was actually an imperfect reflection of the window, bits of colour were missing and the edges were a bit fuzzy. And as I looked at it I realised that I was looking at a parable of myself. Christ’s light shines through me, but because of who I am and what I do I am an imperfect reflection of the Christ I try to mirror. I could have been very negative about it and looked at all my faults and failings or I could have rejoiced that at least some of the light comes through! I decided to go with the later, for even though the window reflection was imperfect the reflection was recognisable as being the window, and so today I pray that that is true for those of us who seek to follow Jesus. That despite us, Christ still shines enough of his light in and through us for others to see him.

The translation of the Bible called the Message says in Matthew 5 that we are to be salt and light, salt bringing out the “God-flavours” in the world and light bringing out the “God-colours” in the world. What wonderful imagery that conjures up and how incredible that Jesus does that through you and me. So this coming week may we reflect Christ in and through our lives being salt and light in our world, reflecting his love.


Loving and Holy God, may our weaknesses become your strength

Our problems become your opportunities and our defeats, your victories

So that Jesus may shine through us and your name be glorified. Amen


Prayers for August by Denise Creed

Photo: Swanwick Lake, MWiB Conference 2017