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    19th August 2017 – Singing the Psalms

    19th August 2017 – Singing the Psalms
    August 18, 2017 admin

    In my daily Bible reading (I’m doing the Bible in a year again) I am going through the Psalms. It means I read several Psalms each day which is quite a commitment until I remember that in the Benedictine convents I have been to on retreat they do all 150 every single week! But there are several Psalms that start with each successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet and I wondered what a modern day psalm might look like if I used our alphabet as a pattern. I’ve attempted it and I challenge you to have a go yourself as part of your prayer and quiet time!


    All praise to You, O God

    Before the world was – you were there

    Creator, Redeemer Sustainer.

    Down through the generations people have praised your name

    For you are God

    Great and mighty

    Hallowed is your name.

    I, with others, worship you with heart and soul and mind

    Justice and mercy flow from your heart

    Knowledge and wisdom are gifts from you.

    Let us rejoice in your love to us

    May we marvel at your faithfulness to your people.

    Nurturing God

    Open our lives to your saving grace

    Pour out  your Spirit upon us

    Quiet our hearts to hear your voice

    Receive our love in response to your goodness.

    Show us mercy when we fail

    Tend our wounds when we hurt

    Vanish our fears when we are scared

    Welcome us back when we have strayed.

    (e)Xtraordinary God

    You alone are worthy of all praise

    Zealous God, we thank you for who you are and all you do.


    Voice of Jesus, speak to me, Hands of Jesus hold me,

    Eyes of Jesus, watch over me. Feet of Jesus, lead me,

    Love of Jesus, surround me, Power of Jesus, fill me,

    That I may weep with those who weep, Laugh with those who laugh

    and be Your hands, feet and voice on earth singing and living your praises.



    Prayers for August by Denise Creed

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