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21st October 2017 – Conkers

21st October 2017 – Conkers
October 20, 2017 Judith Simms

I believe that we can find out about God by looking at the world around us. If God created everything we should be able to see his fingerprint on all creation, and though sometimes it is really hard to imagine what God is like, to appreciate a God who is actually beyond our experience and more amazing than we can imagine. Our God is not only a great big God, but we can often learn who he is from very small things too.

One day I was walking through a park and there was a horse chestnut tree and it was conker time, I love conkers they are so beautiful. I always thought that conkers were in a case that was in twos so it just split in half, but as I was walking in the park, a conker fell off the tree in front of me in its case and as it hit the ground it burst open, and I picked it up. I was astonished to see that the case was three prefect pieces that made the whole. And I had a moment of revelation because in this conker and its shell I met God.

Our God is perfect love and we know him as the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit and they belong together and are facets of the one God, but when God entered our world, when he came to earth as Jesus – this perfect community bound by love was split open and we saw the love of God shown to us in Jesus and we have all been invited to share in that love. And I had this revelation of the Trinity from just looking at a conker. Amazing!

God is bigger than we can even imagine or understand and there is so much to learn about him. We can only catch glimpses of God but when we share our experiences with others and listen to theirs too then it is like we have pieces of a jigsaw that when they are all put together make the bigger picture. The problem comes when we think that our piece of the jigsaw is the whole picture!

There is only one God, who has shown himself to us as a Creator God, who made our wonderful world and is like a Father, he has shown us himself in the Son Jesus, the Redeemer, who gave us life by dying on the cross, and as the Spirit whose love and power, was given to the Christian Church, to all the followers of Jesus, including us, to share with others. The Holy Spirit empowers us to be witnesses for God and to live lives that mirror the love of Jesus for all.

God is awesome and yet we can learn about him in a conker!


This is the moment when heaven and earth come close
For You, O God, have opened the way for me to come and meet You.
You are always there waiting for me to turn and share.
May I come close to Your father heart, O God,
So that I may receive all you have for me.
May I give all I am to You, for who I am is Your gift to me,
what I become is my gift back to You.
Forgive me, Lord,  when I act like a toddler straining to get away from You
yet running back to You for comfort and safety when I am afraid.
May we walk side by side in a maturity of faith where Creator and created are one.
In Christ I pray.


Prayer for the Week written by Denise Creed