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Saturday 23rd June – A walk or swim with Jonah!

Saturday 23rd June – A walk or swim with Jonah!
June 22, 2018 Judith Simms

We are taking part in Bible Month and discovering the world of Jonah.

I think through planning for the month, and I have managed to précis down the story to the following:

~ Jonah is given a task by God – but he goes in the opposite direction
~ God needs to get his attention and he sends the storm!
~ Others recognise that Jonah has disobeyed God, and throw him overboard
~ God has plans, rescues Jonah (not a pleasant experience) and puts him where he wants him to be!
~ Jonah reluctantly gives the message he was sent to give
~ The message is heard and the people repent. Alleluia!
~ Jonah has a fit of sulks because he knew God wouldn’t destroy them
~ God tries to talk to Jonah and get him to be glad his message has been heard and heeded
~ Finally Jonah accepts that God loves all

That may be a bit simplistic but…

~ How often do we go in the opposite direction to what God is asking of us?
~ How does God get our attention?
~ Are some of the storms we weather caused by our reluctance to do what we are asked?
~ Who helps us and challenges us to see what we are doing – a Spiritual Director, Pastoral
Leader, Minister, Friend?
~ Are we faithfully proclaiming the Good News of Jesus?
~ Do we get upset and sulk when things don’t go our way?
~ Who is in charge, us or God?
~ And do we really believe that God loves all and all can be saved? Wesley did!

I have to admit I wasn’t too struck on doing Jonah for four weeks, but I’m thankful for what I have learned so far about Jonah and about myself. The Bible does that! That is why it is still so relevant for us today and still speaks to us.


Lord, when I am tempted to not do your will,
to not believe your love is so wide,
to ignore the fact that I need to share you with others,
help me to listen,
to respond and do,
so that your name is glorified
and your kingdom will come.


You can download this Prayer for the Week here

Prayers for June written by Denise Creed
Image: Illustration from Jonah – Bible Month 2018