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Saturday 25th August – Saying goodbye and thank you

Saturday 25th August – Saying goodbye and thank you
August 24, 2018 Judith Simms

This is my last opportunity to share with you in these MWiB reflections. And after 52 of these ramblings and thoughts, it is time for someone new to come and give you something else! If I am honest I think that I have probably given you all I can, and I look forward to being ‘fed’.

I am so grateful to Sandra Goodwin for asking me to do this. We sat together at a birthday party, and from that very small contact, I have been privileged to have been part of the MWiB in new and different ways, this writing of reflections being one of them. Thank you for asking me, Sandra.

The discipline of writing a weekly reflection has been good for me. I have been able to stop and meet God in ordinary everyday situations. I had hoped to do more on water as that is Sandra’s theme, but that didn’t happen very often. But this picture in the sand says it all for me. It is not a permanent goodbye, but just a different way of working and relating to folk. Just as the tide sweeps in and provides a new canvas for the next person to make their mark, so I look to what God is asking of me now.

In my last appointment I lived by the sea on the West Coast, and the tide was hardly ever in! Miles of sand to make a mark on – it was great. Now I’m on the East Coast and the sea is never out! Only occasionally do I get the chance to leave a footprint on the sand – but how I enjoy watching the waves crash up on the shore and seeing the rainbows created through the droplets of water. Thank you for letting me leave my mark through these reflections.

Next week is the start of a new Methodist Connexional year, a year where we need to have vision, where the Our Calling principles underpin everything we do as individuals and in local churches. Please pray for the Connexional Officers as they seek to lead our Church into the future with hope; for our Chairs of District and Superintendents, that they lead with integrity and joy; for our local churches, for ordained and lay folk, that we listen to God’s voice; and for ourselves, that we are good and effective witnesses for Jesus.



Have you heard God’s voice; has your heart been stirred? Are you still prepared to follow?
Have you made a choice to remain and serve, though the way be rough and narrow?

Will you use your voice; will you not sit down when the multitudes are silent?
Will you make a choice to stand your ground when the crowds are turning violent?

 In your local streets will you be God’s heart? Will you listen to the voiceless?
Will you stop and eat, and when friendships start, will you share your faith with the faithless?

 Will you  watch the news with the eyes of faith and believe it could be different?
Will you share your views using words of grace? Will you leave a thoughtful imprint?

 Will you walk the path that will cost you much and embrace the pain and sorrow?
Will you trust the One who entrusts to you the disciples of tomorrow?


Taken from the words of Jacqueline G. Jones Reproduced from Singing the Faith Electronic Words Edition, number 662 Words and Music: © 2008 Jacqueline G. Jones


Prayers for August written by Denise Creed

You can download this Prayer for the Week as a pdf here