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From Susanna’s Kitchen

From Susanna’s Kitchen
September 17, 2020 Judith Simms

On-line discussions about women’s lives in the story of Methodism

Monday 30th November, 2.00pm

In the second in this new series of online discussions, Revd Donna Fowler-Marchant discusses her new book, Mothers in Israel: Methodist beginnings through the eyes of women, which delves into the lives of the women disciples in the circle of John Wesley. Those held in the highest esteem were given the honorary title ‘Mother in Israel’ and Donna, an American minister now serving in the UK, achnowledges these women as extraordinary disciples and preachers, though sadly not given equal billing to the men around Wesley.

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In the first in the series, originally broadcast on Monday 28th September 2020, former Presidents of Conference Revd Michaela Youngson and Revd Barbara Glasson discuss the influence of Susanna Wesley on her family, church and community, and how she remains a role model for Methodist women today. You can listen to the conversation here