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…Togo, West Africa

…Togo, West Africa
October 29, 2020 Judith Simms

Joanne Tettey writes from Togo on how churches and communities are ‘Making the Most of Life in all its Fullness’:

  La Famille Tettey

We are a Mission Partner family in the West African country of Togo, a relatively safe, politically stable francophone nation which has also been affected by the Covid–19 pandemic. Currently, Togo has reported 347 active cases, 1,457 confirmed cases, 1,079 cured cases and 31 deaths [figures at 10 September 2020]. Consequently, nationwide measures – mandatory wearing of masks in public (including car sharing), hand washing prior to entering public buildings, and social distancing practices – are strictly enforced.

Coordinating the church’s newly formed Health Team working alongside the Development Department to administer a ‘Training of Trainers’ public health education program for the church community is my current role. [The main image above shows a Training of Trainers session at Bethesda Church, September 2020.] Our regular weekly team meeting of dedicated volunteers aims to achieve changes which will eventually be reflected in reducing the numbers of national Covid–19 cases.

  The Eglishe Methodiste du Togo (EMT) Health Team

The juggling skills needed to do the school run, manage the household and nurture a family have become easier when our family (of two teenagers [pictured below] and an equally busy spouse) works like a team.

  Ready for school in autumn 2020

Having served on the mission field for over ten years, in three West African countries, this ‘Woman in West Africa’ and her kin have been privileged and blessed to be a part of the Methodist world church family.