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11th December 2021

11th December 2021
December 11, 2021 Amy Walters



So, here is  a picture of an out of season Passion flower, perfect and completely unexpected.  It was suddenly glimpsed in a dark corner of the garden in late October.

Late October and a glance at the wall

reveals a solitary Passion Flower

in full and perfect bloom.

Exclamations of

delight and wonder

as the fragile bloom is captured

on camera.


Thoughts escalate, as,

pondering the Advent season

that sense of the unexpected

journeys with us.


Of course,

each day we anticipate doing

what we have planned,

and yet,

each day has a pattern of its own,

often disrupted!

We may consider life to be ordinary,

unexciting, dreary, weary,

yet how often does the unexpected

puncture the flow of the day?


The text, the phone call, the letter;

a birth, a death, an illness;

a visitor, a gift, a sudden invitation.

All these bring colour, change the pattern,

texture the ordinary with the


joy and sorrow,

wonder and mystery.



In the midst of the ordinary

Advent preparations,

Loving God help us to see

the unexpected.

Just as Mary greeted Gabriel in fear,

but followed it with whole hearted trust,

with the wisdom to say:


so may our ‘Yes’ to you enfolding us

in your amazing  love,

give us the grace to share it


God of surprises, God of the unexpected

surprise us all this Advent season!