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29th January 2022 – The River of Life

29th January 2022 – The River of Life
January 29, 2022 Amy Walters

Bible Reading Revelation ch 22 v 1-5

Hymn S the F 377 Down the mountain the river flows

The River of Life


Everlasting and Unfathomable God, God of Water, of Light, of all Creation,

Blazing light shining forth,

radiant light reflecting on the river.

Water tumbling, cascading, rushing,

reflecting the light like diamonds.


River flowing wide, immense and free.

Light, water, love, life

washes over me

soaks into my very being.


God, wellspring of love and life

Flowing out, reaching out

to arms stretched up in praise and hope,

embracing all in pain and need.

Through the city streets, through the desert,

Through the lush countryside, through the war torn land,   and on.

Washing away tears, bringing joy and laughter and peace.

Oh God of life and love

Thank you.                  Amen