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Prayer for the Week – 30th September 2023

Prayer for the Week – 30th September 2023
September 30, 2023 Bronwen

Postcard prayers from Malta  Gozo Salt

The Saltpans on the sister island of Gozo are an amazing sight on the northwest coast of Gozo from May to September. Managing the salt pans to produce salt crystals is an ancient trade and skill passed down through generations of local families. Salt is harvested weekly and sold worldwide.

Salt was such a valuable commodity that it was used to pay wages..a salary

Salt is used in medicine, in catering and both seasons and preserves.

It is also used to clean and renew as well as removing stains.

Salt is also a key ingredient in the beauty business and the production of toiletries and cosmetics.

In Marks Gospel (Ch9 v50) we are told that salt is good but if it loses its saltiness it is of little use.

This week we pray for those that work with salt.

We pray for those that manage saltpans around the world preserving and passing on vital skills.

We pray for those working in medicine and science

We pray for those working in the food industry seasoning sand preserving our food,

We pray for those working in cleaning and restoration and we pray for those developing beauty products and treatments.

We pray that we may this week be salt and light in the world.

Maggie Woods – CoChair South