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CoChair South Maggie’s Blog December 1st 2023

CoChair South Maggie’s Blog December 1st 2023
December 3, 2023 Bronwen

Co Chair Blog Dec 1st 2023
Doing it differently
I like a challenge and when a group of friends decided to take up the
challenge of only buying recycled or repurposed Christmas gifts I was
happy to join them. It ticked my boxes of helping the planet and made
me think more carefully about the real message of Christmas love.
Given all the pain and complexities in our troubled world the gift of
unconditional love in the coming of Christ still sends a powerful message
and continues to offer hope.
In my search for recycled and repurposed gifts I found some amazing
and creative things produced by amazing and creative people. Listening
to their stories behind the things they made was inspirational but too
many to share here so I have chosen just one .I met a recently retired
couple who had needed a new hobby and began making useful things
with recycled and reclaimed wood. Inspired by the wood they
experimented and created wonderful items and began to get so many
requests that they started visiting craft fairs and have now established a
loyal fanbase in their local area. Planters, table top Christmas trees, food
platters, notice boards…each item unique and beautiful and each made
from discarded or donated wood.
I was reminded that at Christs birth there was little luxury around to
welcome him into our world. Born into a lean to shelter and placed in an
animal trough both of which were probably put together using rough and
recycled wood was as basic as it gets. Sadly recycled wood also played
its part in his death. Yet this pared back and basic setting leads us back
to a core truth of love at its heart. A priceless and precious gift that
needs no gift wrap .However we express that love over the Christmas
period with family, friends or those who we share time with may we find
the comfort and peace that lies at the heart of our faith.