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Co Chair South Maggie’s Blog January 1st 2024

Co Chair South Maggie’s Blog January 1st 2024
December 31, 2023 Bronwen

Auld Lang Syne
Many of us will have joined in this traditional song over New Year. It is believed
that the song was first written down by my favourite poet Robbie Burns.
At this time of year it is good to reflect on those words of auld lang syne often
translated as “ Times gone by”. To pause to remember how we got to this
point in our journey. To recall the happiness and heartaches , successes and
mistakes, times of togetherness and loneliness, loves and losses, hopes
and fears. Those times when our glass was half full and when it seemed
half empty.
Last year I was given a tee shirt that said “Kindness is the only way forward”.
For me being kind is a very underrated gift in our society. As the year turns and
we travel forward we will meet those highs and lows, those challenges and
setbacks so let us take with us the cup of kindness into 2024 and share it in the
opportunities it will bring.

Maggie Woods