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Prayer for the Week – 24th February 2024

Prayer for the Week – 24th February 2024
February 24, 2024 Bronwen

24th February – Time to reflect

Be still,
for the presence of the Lord,
the Holy One, is here;
come bow before him now
with reverence and fear:
in him no sin is found —
we stand on holy ground.
Be still,
for the presence of the Lord,
the Holy One, is here.

StF 20

 Lent seems to me to be a good time for introspection. Have you ever had ‘God moments’, when something feels a bit different? Looking back I find myself remembering snapshots of times when I particularly felt God’s presence.

 Having been born into a Methodist family and christened at the church where I have always worshiped there was a time when I felt something was missing but came to realise that I didn’t need a conversion as God had been there all the time.

 I continue to have affirming memories of God’s presence. I felt it when my Dad and I were with my Mum as she passed into His loving arms after several months of a very distressing time and loss of speech. There have also been many uplifting moments, particularly in God’s amazing world. One of my particular memories of quiet times in special places is when I was sitting in a boat in silence on the lake at Galilee with friends around me and knowing Jesus would have done the same with his disciples. Another was at the Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand (photo above).

 Over the years that I have been involved in the Methodist Women’s movements which preceded MWiB I have been supported by many ‘Mothers in Faith’. Some of them may not have realised how much I appreciated their guidance, friendship, and love.

 So where do you find God? Are there times when you have felt God with you, are there special places, words or something special which help you?

 Be still, and know that I am God.

Dear Lord, I pray that I would be still and know that you are God right here, right now.

Give me the faith that will enable me to rest in your peace and in your unchangeable nature and promises.

Give me strength for today that will enable me to do your will.

Give me hope, for you know my fears and struggles, continue to hold them in your caring hands.

Accept me as I am and show me how best to respond to your everlasting love.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Liz Chick Area Trustee for Southampton and Channel Islands