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3rd May 2015 – Jesus at the lake

3rd May 2015 – Jesus at the lake
March 14, 2015 Hazel Parsons

03 May 2015

Oh God,

We had seen our risen Lord and Master,
but what were we to do next?

Oh Jesus,
we longed to see you again,
to have you amongst us, sharing stories and food,
talking in your quiet way.

The only thing we know to do
was to fish.

We worked all night and caught nothing.
Cold, tired and hungry,
with the wind sighing across the lake,
we watched the dawn break.

And as the light sparkled off the water
there you were,
walking by the lakeside.

Risen Lord Jesus,
help us to watch for the dawn,
help us to listen afresh to your voice,
and know you walking by our side.

Fill our hearts again with love,
your love.

He is alive!

Amen                                Jackie Smith

Reading- John 21: 1-8

Hymn – StF 250 Jesus calls us