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05 July 2015 – Exuberance

05 July 2015 – Exuberance
July 5, 2015 Hazel Parsons

05 Jul 2015

Loving and merciful God

You spill over in our lives
when we give you room;
You touch us with colour and brilliance
when we feel grey and dowdy;
Your life giving energy
bubbles up when we come to you.

In penitence we remember the times
When in our despair
we have shut you out;
When we have called
and thought you did not want to hear;
When we have simply forgotten
that you love us.
But you are the One who calls
light out of darkness;
Spreads flowers at our feet;
Perfumes the air
and stills our anxiety
When we allow you in.

With exuberance, grace and mercy
May we serve you this week
and always.

Hazel Parsons

Reading Acts 16: 25-40
StF 102. For the beauty of the earth