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Tuesday 14 July – Interweaving stories

Tuesday 14 July – Interweaving stories
July 13, 2015 Anne Browse

Cheating just a little with the blog tonight, as I knew I would be driving up and down the motorway today to visit family. Here is a blog I prepared earlier, as in last night! More reflections on shared stories…

A few years ago I began to notice how often people’s stories crossed over. Since becoming involved in MWiB I have again noticed these links, as I have re-established contact with people whom I knew years ago and whose paths have gone off in different directions. I cannot ignore the role of Facebook in all of this! I am now in touch again with Mary, who trained me to be a Sunday School teacher at the age of 14; with friends who are now serving with the Baptist Missionary Society; with past pupils who don’t mind being reminded of their school days!

I tried to illustrate this four years ago with a visual aid which portrays our lives as interweaving threads. When Liz wrote her reflection for my commissioning (see yesterday’s blog) she did not know about this ‘tapestry’ canvas which I had created, and so to me her words were inspired and particularly poignant. This line resonated in particular with me: ‘All of this meeting, crossing and intertwining creates a rich tapestry of experience and the story of our world is woven together.’

As Christians we are encouraged to ‘help carry one another’s burdens, and in this way … obey the law of Christ.’ I am grateful for those who help me to carry the things which I find heavy, and for those who allow me to help them when they are struggling, too.