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06 September 2015 – Purposefulness

06 September 2015 – Purposefulness
August 12, 2015 Hazel Parsons

 06 Sep 2015

O Lord, I look at these children
striding out over the bridge,
and my heart sings with joy.
They go forward in anticipation
one leading, the other following.
I am reminded that September
brings change for children.
New classes, new teachers, new schools,
New places and new opportunities.
Some are fearful, some anxious,
others delighted and hopeful.
Yet they do not know what the future will bring.

It is not only children who face crossing the bridge.
Young people and adults face new challenges and futures.
Like the children may we
follow the Leader:
Our Leader, Christ.
Christ who goes before us,
over the bridges of life with the torrents beneath,
over the stepping stones;
picking our way for us through the things
that threaten to sink us.

We pray, loving God
That we may trust you to lead,
That we may follow thoughtfully,
so that, keeping our eyes on you,
Our lives may lead others to you.

Amen                        Hazel Parsons

Reading: Acts12:1-19
SthF 483. We are marching in the light of God