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Tuesday 15 September 2015 – in the press

Tuesday 15 September 2015 – in the press
September 15, 2015 Anne Browse

I try to keep these blogs short – if you would like something a bit longer, can I suggest the article on page 9 of this week’s Methodist Recorder?  It has been published to coincide with the European Methodist Historical Conference which was the subject of yesterday’s blog.  This gives an overview of our MWiB heritage and archives work of the past few years and includes details about the exhibition at Epworth Old Rectory, also the subject of earlier blogs.

I will leave you tonight with the opening paragraphs of the article which I was asked to write.  Another of my many stories!

Have you watched the television programme ‘Life Laundry’, where people declutter their homes and lives?  No matter how hard I try, I still seem to accumulate ‘stuff’!  How do some of us manage to hoard so much clutter in our homes and churches?  

I once had a determined cull of my wardrobe and also took a cap which my husband seldom wore (and I disliked) to the charity shop.  It was only a matter of days before youngest daughter came home from primary school, declaring that she wanted to dress as Burglar Bill for World Book Day.  I could provide everything – stripy top, swag bag, mask – except for the flat cap.  Back to the charity shop!