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13 September 2015 – Changing weather

13 September 2015 – Changing weather
August 12, 2015 Hazel Parsons

13 Sep 2015

It was a beautiful day,
The sand white and clean,
The air bright and sunny.
Wandering along the shore edge
Disturbed only by the call of sea birds
It was gentle, calm and peaceful.

Suddenly a cloud passed over,
The sea turned deep green;
A wind played, tossing up waves,
And the sky darkened.

Reminded of the disciples on the
Sea of Galilee
I stopped still to catch the colour of the sea
Before rushing up the steep lane to shelter.

Almighty God, in the serenity of our lives
Sometimes we are caught up
In sudden changes
Which bring disruption and dismay.
We are often at a loss,
Wondering how things changed so suddenly.

Yet, often, there is beauty visible.
Help us to see the kindness of strangers
At those times;
To welcome the sacrifice of family;
To respond to those who sit and wait
While we weep, who find the right word,
The right gift.

May we too, be stranger, family and giver
In the strength of your Spirit,
Bringing shafts of sunshine on a darkening sea.

Lord of all Creation
Still our troubled hearts
Turning our trust back to You;
Calling out to you to rescue us
from the troubling storm.
Amen                                Hazel Parsons

Reading: Matthew 8:23-27
SthF 238. Lead us Heavenly Father, lead us