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27 September 2015 – Disturbance

27 September 2015 – Disturbance
August 12, 2015 Hazel Parsons

27 Sep-2015

Looking behind we see the beautiful patterns
Left in the wake of the boat.
Swirling and melding together
The colours catch the light
As the deep cuts in the water
Cause them to move towards the bank
And eddy out again.

Yet we cannot see the boat and can only
Hazard a guess that it has passed.

Almighty God we are reminded
That your power may indeed cut us,
Although we fail to see you within the cuts:
Sometimes we have hurt others and need
to be pulled up short:
Sometimes we have disturbed the peace
With our dissatisfaction and need
to recognise our fault:

Yet, when we belong to you,
O Lord our God these Reminders
May serve to create new patterns of behaviour;
May leave new colours of Forgiveness,
Of Repentance in their wake.

Nothing you have made is wasted.
Out of disturbance
You call forth
(Remember the poppies of the Flanders Fields).

As we venture through this week
We pray your presence-
Changing our grumbles and complaints
To awareness of your blessing in their midst,
Alerting us to the treasure
Revealed in the wake of Crucifixion-

Amen                                   Hazel Parsons

Reading. Psalm 29
SthF 94. To God be the glory