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Friday 11 September 2015 – trip down memory lane

Friday 11 September 2015 – trip down memory lane
September 11, 2015 Anne Browse

A highlight and surprise for me during my visit to Germany was the offer by Schwester Elisabeth of a trip back to the town where I had worked as a student in 1977-78. We drove to Lennestadt in Sauerland and found my old school and the two churches which I had attended on Sunday mornings and Sunday afternoons. On the spur of the moment I called in on an ex-colleague and his wife, who were surprised and delighted to see me. We reminisced and exchanged news and drank coffee together. At first Schwester Elisabeth sat outside in the car, telling me to take as long as I wanted with Eberhardt and Gisela, but eventually I persuaded her to come in and join us, as the photo shows. I love this picture of their animated conversation.

I had not expected to have this opportunity to revisit my past in this way. Sometimes we are presented with moments which are like unexpected gifts, and leave us feeling grateful and privileged.