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04 October 2015 – Washing Day

04 October 2015 – Washing Day
September 19, 2015 Hazel Parsons

 wash 04 Oct 2015

 Lord, thank you for a sunny day

The breeze blowing and
Washing hanging out to dry:
The sweet, fresh air blowing away
The damp and drying the clothes,
Almost merrily.

Gracious God, thank you for
The very ordinary things of life!
Help us to appreciate them and
to give thanks.

As I hang up the washing
I find it easy to talk to you;
To share the current problems;
To pray for those whose clothes
Confront me;
To discuss with you what I should do.

I know you listen
And, I suspect you smile.
Then, in the photograph I see the child
And memories come flooding back.
I see my own children handing me pegs,
Or playing round my feet.
The years have passed,
But washing remains a task,
Even though
The children have grown and left.

Thus Lord, you make me smile too,
Remembering how faithful you have been
Through ordinary, mundane tasks.
Suddenly a chuckle rises
And, in that mood
I realise the dark cloud
May send me running out
To take the washing in again!

Thank you for humour and for understanding.
Especially thank you for humour
In dark places.
For the love of the Saviour and in His precious Name
We pray,
Amen                                    Hazel Parsons

Reading. Ecclesiastes 11:1-8
SthF. 469. I watch the sunrise lighting the sky