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Monday 24 August 2015 – Memories are made of this

Monday 24 August 2015 – Memories are made of this
August 24, 2015 Anne Browse

I promised you a picture from Saturday’s wedding, and have allowed Katie to choose it. As you will see, she and the bridesmaids and bride had lots of fun in the photo booth on Saturday evening! I have a little viewer with glass slides of my parents’ wedding day, probably almost as revolutionary in the early fifties as a photo booth today. Or perhaps many of you will tell me that they were all the rage and you have them in your memory boxes, too! I have recently sorted through old photographs, as I often do during the summer – sepia, black and white, colour, Polaroid, those with two miniature photos attached. Now, of course, we have digital photography and I find myself taking multiple shots in the hope that at least one might be good! This is not to mention the advent of video, which meant that we have fewer still photographs of Katie when she was first born, as we were experimenting with our new video camera at the time! The way we record memories is the subject of much of our MWiB Heritage and Archives work. More of that as the week goes on.