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    11 October 2015 – Autumnal Glory

    11 October 2015 – Autumnal Glory
    September 19, 2015 Hazel Parsons

    11 Oct 2015

    Autumnal colours presage
    The onset of dark winter.
    Suddenly familiar paths
    Are overhung with flaming reds,
    Bright orange and illuminated yellow.
    Our cameras click to save the view,
    Our fingers itch to save the fallen
    Leaves- as gorgeous
    As any modern fabric.

    The glory fades, so transitory
    That before we know it
    The trees are skeletons
    Of dark and beautiful

    Along the ground the beauty lies crushed,
    A mulch to turn into fresh earth.

    Your Glory, Creator God,
    Fades not.
    It is beyond the brilliance
    Of earthly colour.
    Your glory lies in sacrifice
    In the ultimate gift
    Of Jesus.
    He revealed your glory
    As he did your will,
    Seeking the lost and the fragile,
    Supporting the sinner and the friendless.
    He still does, through our prayers,
    Our actions,
    Our care.

    Autumnal glory delights us
    And vanishes,
    The glory of the Lord
    Fills us with beauty
    Which cannot be destroyed.
    Teach us to value
    That which you have given us.
    Amen                        Hazel Parsons

    Reading. Isaiah 12:1-6
    SthF 115. Praise ye the Lord! ‘Tis good to raise