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Wednesday 9 September 2015 – sharing stories again

Wednesday 9 September 2015 – sharing stories again
September 9, 2015 Anne Browse

Today I saw a friend who is going through a sad time at the moment. “Keep writing what you write,” she said. “It is really helpful.”

I simply share my stories, or sometimes other people’s stories. I might not always share everything on this blog, because some things, frankly, can be a bit too hard to share! Wherever you are tonight, and however your story has unfolded and is unfolding, I hope that you have opportunities to share what helps you and helps others. As a follower of Jesus I love the fact that he completely understands my human story because he has lived with it and within it himself.

The photo tonight is of my daughter Katie and her friend Sam. I think we were sharing stories and ideas one morning on GB summer camp!