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25 October 2015 – Companions

25 October 2015 – Companions
September 19, 2015 Hazel Parsons

25 oct 2015

Watching two swans
Gliding companionably
Along the river
So effortlessly,
We are reminded,
Gracious God,
Beneath the surface,
Their feet are working hard.

Moving upstream their feet paddle relentlessly
Against the current;
Down stream they must control
Both speed and direction.

For some of us, Lord God,
The struggle to maintain direction
In the onward sweep of life
Remains a constant battle against
The flow.
For others trying to make our way forwards
When everything tries to hold us back
Almost defeats us.

Yet, on the surface
We smile, resist complaining,
Try to see the best in others
Whilst underneath our lives
Are difficult.

So, loving God:
When our lives are hard;
When despair strikes and we want to give up;
When we are in danger-
Bring us to the riverbank.
There, may we rest awhile together
And watch the flow,
Until strengthened,
We are ready
Once again,
To paddle in its midst.

Amen                          Hazel Parsons

Reading Luke 24:13-35 The road to Emmaus
SthF. 480 The Lord’s my Shepherd