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    01 November 2015 – Purple Berries

    01 November 2015 – Purple Berries
    October 27, 2015 Hazel Parsons

    Berries 01Nov2015


    Lord, your creation is often quite surprising isn’t it?
    I went out into the garden
    And there they were,
    In November:
    These tiny purple berries,
    Just like the little silver balls
    We put on birthday cakes- but purple.

    Sometimes when November comes
    Misty, foggy and for some of us
    Distinctly gloomy–
    With days drawing ever shorter and
    Nights longer–
    We find ourselves
    It takes an effort to go out into the dark,
    It is cosier at home.

    At those times we understand the worth of
    Obedience to your call.
    Abraham set out because you called him;
    Do we set out when we would rather stay with the familiar?

    We look out into the grey days-
    Feeling grey and lacking energy;
    And then the little purple berries
    Catch our eye.
    Purple in November!
    Oh Gracious and most Loving God,
    You long to brighten even gloomy days
    With your smile of encouragement.
    Forgive our lack of energy, our dampened spirits.
    Set us free,
    May our hearts dance,
    Our lives blossom,
    Indeed may we be like the purple berries
    Bringing cheer and a happy smile
    When November days are cheerless and cold.

    Amen                             Hazel Parsons

    Reading: Philippians 1:12-30
    SthF 642. When I’m feeling down and sad