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    22 November 2015 – King of Glory

    22 November 2015 – King of Glory
    October 27, 2015 Hazel Parsons

    sunset 22Nov2015

    Jesus Christ
    King of Glory,
    King of our lives:
    We kneel before your majesty
    For we know ourselves
    Yet, beyond all hope
    You lift us up:
    Call us sister, brother;
    Meet us in friendship
    Yet freely offered.

    Jesus Christ
    King and Saviour
    We kneel before your majesty
    In obedience
    To plead for mercy
    Yet again
    And still you lift us up,
    Look deep into our eyes
    “Follow me.”

    Jesus Christ
    King of Kings
    We kneel before your majesty,
    And you reach down,
    Hold out your hand-
    And lifting us,
    “Walk with me.”

    King of our lives and our hearts
    And minds
    May your Holy Spirit
    Dwelling within us
    Transform us daily
    That we may grow
    More wholly yours.

    Amen                      Hazel Parsons

    Reading Matthew 17:1-9
    SthF 317 At the name of Jesus