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    15 November 2015 – Family

    15 November 2015 – Family
    October 27, 2015 Hazel Parsons

    family 15Nov2015

    I watched them walk across the sands:
    Sometimes deep in conversation,
    Other times splashing each other
    In the sandy pools,
    Bending to pick up shells, or bits of slate
    Admiring the shine on the wet sand.
    Grandfather and grandchild.

    How often do we take time
    To be truly thankful for our families?
    Loving Lord, we imagine that your childhood
    Was a happy one, with love surrounding you.
    But it was probably soon full of other children
    Noisy and busy, just as families are.
    We mustn’t envisage you in this
    Protective, isolated cocoon
    Produced by manger scenes.

    Families can be loving and forgiving of each other,
    But they can also be argumentative
    Quarrelsome and neglectful
    Of each other’s needs.
    As we spend time with you this week,
    Remind us to hold each member
    Of our family
    In your especial care.
    Those who are happy and thriving,
    Those who are sad and sorrowing,
    Those who are anxious, the needy,
    The angry and unforgiving,
    They are all part of our own family
    And part of yours.

    So we pray for guidance for ourselves:
    For grace and for the ability to forgive,
    For that necessary gift of patience,
    And for the wisdom to control
    Hasty words and actions.

    I look again at the photograph
    Remembering the day,
    Treasuring that relationship
    And smiling because Your promise is
    To walk across the sands with us.

    Amen                            Hazel Parsons

    Reading Luke 1:1-13
    SthF 607 When love is found and hope comes home