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29 November 2015 – Anticipation

29 November 2015 – Anticipation
October 27, 2015 Hazel Parsons

anticipaton 29Nov2015

Lord you know all about me.
You know how excited I am
When a child runs to me, arms spread out
And flings herself at me;
In the rush nearly knocking me over.
Tears spring, are blinked back,
Because the rush of joy,
The overwhelming sense of welcome and love
Pours over like fragrant perfume.

If I think about Jesus coming again
I have to unpick some of the dread judgement images
And see the excitement and celebration,
The joy and light.

Throughout the years
People have yearned
for a time of peace, of justice,
But more than that:
Of blossoming and flourishing,
Of the earth restored to its intended beauty
Of the Coming of the Lord
To make all things well.

So, as we travel through Advent this year
May our longing and yearning
Bear fruit in the way we are gentle with others;
The way we encourage and support,
Smile and refrain from complaints.
It will not be easy, but it will speak of Your Kingdom
Alive and well here on earth.

Then our eyes will shine with expectation and excitement
For we shall be sharing in the prospect of
The coming of the Lord
In all His Glory.

Amen                                   Hazel Parsons

Reading Isaiah 35
SthF 185. Sing we the King who is coming to reign