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    06 December 2015 – Frosted Jewels

    06 December 2015 – Frosted Jewels
    November 22, 2015 Hazel Parsons

    Frosted Jewels

    06 Dec 2015


    We wake, Loving Lord, to see a shimmering cloak
    Sparkling in the early sun:
    The first frosts glisten and gleam,
    It is a wintry winter’s day.

    Walking along, we catch sight
    Of jewelled fragments by the wayside:
    Moss, curled and green, a thistle’s rosette;
    We rustle the fallen leaves yet unswept
    By broom or wind
    And now encased in diamonds.

    Lord, it is not so often that we remember
    To thank you for the way hard times
    May glisten and gleam unexpectedly.
    There can be a wonder and a beauty
    Unlooked for,
    And though the later warmth may melt the diamond shine,
    Though cold winds may make us shiver through the closing day,
    Hold for us those sharp memories-
    That gasp of wonder,
    That spark of joy,
    Which gleams for us
    Through cold, dark, wintry days.

    Amen                               Hazel Parsons

    Reading Genesis 2:4-25
    SthF 160. All things bright and beautiful