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20 December 2015 – Incarnation

20 December 2015 – Incarnation
November 22, 2015 Hazel Parsons


20 Dec 2015


The world holds its breath
– so we should like to think-
For this is the time when we

Remember the journey of Joseph and Mary,
Remember the Birth,
Remember the Gift-
God Incarnate
In humanity.

But sadly, Father,
The world does not hold its breath.
Precious holy places
Are not scenes of hope and salvation
As we see them.
War and starvation, flight and fright
Will be features of the news this week
As they were so long ago.

In our celebration and our joy;
In our exchange of greetings, gifts and cards,
In our singing and our feasting,
Let us hold in love and trust those
Whose lives, having little joy
Are precious in your sight.

You call us to worship
With humility and love
Around the manger where
Shepherds kneel in homage,
Adoration and obedience;
And our lives join with all who,
Loving you,
Rapt in wonder.

                             Hazel Parsons

Reading. Isaiah 52:7-10
StF. 176. Like a candle flame