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    27 December 2015 – Light of Hope

    27 December 2015 – Light of Hope
    December 27, 2015 Hazel Parsons

    Light of Hope

    27 Dec 2015

    We lit the candle in the darkness.
    We lit it in church and in our hearts,
    Praying that its light would never be quenched.

    We marvelled once again
    At the Father’s precious gift
    And smiled as we gazed at the newborn baby.

    Lord Jesus, your birth brought
    The light of Hope
    And we pray continually
    For that Light to lift
    The gloom and despair and danger
    That stalks the world.
    We pray for the smile in the Light of your face
    To give us courage as we ourselves
    Bring your Light of Hope wherever we go.

    So we pray for your face to shine
    Where hopes are diminished;
    Your eyes to smile
    Where hurts need to heal;
    Your arms to enfold
    Where people feel pushed away.

    As we gaze towards another New Year
    We ask to tread lightly in your Way
    Step by step
    Carrying your Light of Hope,
    Sparkling with your gift
    Of eternal Joy.

    God with us

    Amen                           Hazel Parsons

    Reading. John 1:1-14
    SthF. 175. Light of the world