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Monday 23 November 2015 – conference

Monday 23 November 2015 – conference
November 23, 2015 Anne Browse

This morning Carolyn Lawrence and I travelled on a very crowded train as far as Birmingham, then with a little more room to spare on this train to Northampton.  We are staying at King’s Park and have now completed the first two sessions of the conference here – 7 Deady Sins of Women in Leadership.  I supect that I will find that I commit every one of those ‘sins’!  I will confess, maybe, as the week progresses!

The conference fascinates me on various levels.  I came somewhat reluctantly, having attended many and diverse leadership conferences over the years, of varying quailty.  This one is obviously different in that it draws together a group of Christian women seeking to serve where God has called them,or might be calling them.  We are meeting, sharing, conversing with women from a wide variety of denominations, backgrounds and cultures.  I am looking forward to what tomorrow has in store.