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Sunday 13 December 2015 – kingfishers again

Sunday 13 December 2015 – kingfishers again
December 13, 2015 Anne Browse

I wish I had taken photos today to illustrate the blog.  I should have taken a photo of our church family as we worshipped together this morning and dared to share stories of how God has blessed us and spoken to us.  I should have taken a photo around the lunch table as eight of us shared food and friendship together after the morning service.  I should have taken a photo of the small but faithful congregation in Tiverton with which I joined to worship quietly and thoughtfully this evening.

Instead, I shall use a picture which I have posted before.  Today has been a day full of blessings.  Yesterday was filled with ‘wow’ moments, too.  I often see kingfishers on the local canal, as readers of this blog may remember.  Yesterday, as I drew up outside the village shop, a kingfisher flew in front of the car and up into the trees.  For a moment I wondered if I was imagining it, but the flash of blue was distinctive.  The bird had probably come from the nearby stream which runs beside the village hall.  A reminder to look out for the extraordinary in ordinary places.  To look out for God where we don’t expect to find him.