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    Wednesday 23 December 2015 – signing off for Christmas

    Wednesday 23 December 2015 – signing off for Christmas
    December 23, 2015 Anne Browse

    It has been hard to know how often to update the blog since I began to write it in July.  I have decided that I shall take a break from writing over the next few days as we celebrate Christmas.  Our own family festivities began on Monday, when we gathered at Sophie’s new home for a delicious meal and an afternoon of games and exchanging Secret Santa presents.

    I am aware of so many people in my own community for whom the Christmas period will be an ordeal rather than a pleasure.  A bit like life the rest of the year, but heightened now, as we are all surrounded by the ‘enforced jollity’ of the high street.  My prayers are with those I know who travel difficult paths, and with those whom I will never meet but whose plight is made clear to us as we watch the news.

    Whatever our situation, may the peace of the incarnate Christ be ours.  I will update the blog again in a few days.

    With love and blessings
    Anne x