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Thursday 3 March 2016 – World Book Day

Thursday 3 March 2016 – World Book Day
March 3, 2016 Anne Browse
Anne Browse's daughter

I was wondering tonight about a photo for a World Book Day blog, when my eldest daughter arrived home for tea.  She had wanted to pop over, because she won’t see me this Sunday, as I shall be in East Anglia.  She burst into the kitchen, dressed as Wally!  In fact every single teacher in the primary school where she works dressed as Wally today.

My most memorable World Book Day when the children were small was the one which came just after I had ruthlessly consigned some of my not-worn-for-years clothes to the charity shop.  I had sneaked a flat cap of Ken’s into the bag, too.  He would never miss it!

Katie came home from school a couple of days later.  “I want to be Burglar Bill!” she declared, as determined as only a six-year-old can be.  I had everything – the jeans, the stripy top, the swag bag, the mask – but no flat cap…

I learned then that if you need something and you hunt hard enough you can usually find it in one of Tiverton’s many charity shops.  Not the same flat cap, but a flat cap, all the same.