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Thursday 31 March 2016 – celebrating landmark experiences

Thursday 31 March 2016 – celebrating landmark experiences
March 31, 2016 Anne Browse

Waking up in Highbury and Islington this morning, ready to set off for the MWiB executive meeting at Methodist Church House today.

Yesterday’s train journey from Devon to London was made just a little bit more memorable by a phone call from youngest daughter, Katie. My maternal reaction, on seeing that she was calling me from a skiing holiday in France, was to worry that someone had broken something! The news that she and George had become engaged on a mountain top somewhere in Val d’Isère was a welcome relief, and actually not a surprise!

Katie and George celebrated with a meal in a French restaurant. I celebrated with a bottle of Prosecco in Wetherspoons at Highbury and Islington, shared with my MWiB friends, before we walked to our hotel and prepared for today’s meeting.

Memories are made of this. The photo of George and Katie is much clearer than the one of the MWiB executive, so that’s the one I have chosen to post today!