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Sunday 17 April 2016 – Swanwick weekend

Sunday 17 April 2016 – Swanwick weekend
April 17, 2016 Anne Browse
Jill Barber Swanwick weekend 2016

I am writing the blog as I travel back by train from Derbyshire to Devon, after a weekend of warm fellowship and friendship with over 250 women of all ages and from many places across the Connexion.  Jill Barber spoke enthusiastically and challengingly as she tackled the theme of ‘Finding our voice: heritage, gender and story’.  Stories were shared around tables this morning within the context of a Love Feast, with opportunities to give thanks for precious memories and experiences and people.

Apologies to those of you who have not been able to be with us and have therefore been waiting for news of the weekend.  The programme was full and my days were long!  Two fire alarms for most of us the first night might have dampened spirits, but I was amazed at the resilience of these women, some of whom requested an additional session of circle dancing at 10pm last night!

Not surprisingly I did not have much time for taking photos.  I will post a couple over the next few days.  I did manage to capture this one, of Jill leading her session yesterday morning.