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Thursday 5 May 2016 – welcoming friends again

Thursday 5 May 2016 – welcoming friends again
May 5, 2016 Anne Browse

I promised more flowers today, and here is an early purple orchid, photographed in a bank of wild flowers not far from our home. Wild garlic, primroses, campion and these upright stems, which always feel like unearthed treasure when we first discover them at this time of year. Last weekend Jackie and Briant went out to see them on an early morning walk.

Today I am preparing to welcome more visitors, this time Thomas and Claudia Günther from Chemnitz in Germany, where Thomas is pastor of a Methodist church. I met them last year when I visited the United Methodist Church there and I am looking forward to getting to know them better over the next couple of days as they conclude their holiday in England with a stay here with us. They head to Dover early on Saturday morning, so tomorrow I hope to enjoy showing them the English countryside in this part of the Southwest. No doubt we will exchange stories, get in a delightful muddle with our respective foreign languages, and enjoy each other’s company. I love the German word for hospitality – Gastfreundschaft – guest friendship.