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Tuesday 24 May 2016 – York and Hull District

Tuesday 24 May 2016 – York and Hull District
May 28, 2016 Anne Browse
York and Hull District

Linda shares again about the itinerary for our visitors from the Chucrh of North India:

Priya was unwell today, so Meena and I travelled with Judith Robinson, West Yorkshire district MWiB president, to a quiet-ish Quiet Day with York & Hull district MWiB at Harogate Road Methodist Church in Ripon. Revd Ruth Parry, superintendent minister, had seized on the anniversary of John Wesley’s heart being “strangely warmed”, as he struggled with his own faith in 1738, to have a Wesley focus. She took the title ‘And can it be?’ and built the day around that wonderful hymn (StF 345) by Charles Wesley, which we Methodists usually sing at full volume throughout. Ruth got us to look at the words more carefully, and to see that the first 3 verses are wistful, exploratory and reflective – Did Jesus really die for me? How can that be? How can God die? The mercy of God incarnate found out me! We sang it as Ruth asked – those first 3 verses quietly, and only building up the volume from the second half of verse 4. Try it for yourself – it really made a difference!

Ruth had already created some wonderful prayer/meditation stations – how do some people have so many amazing ideas and resources? Meena and I set up an Indian station, to add to the one Ruth had built around the image of the Dalit Madonna and the Dalit candles. There Meena shared more of her story of the reality of the lives of Dalit Christian women in India, and the work she is doing to enable and empower them.

The photo here is of Meena with Ruth at the Dalit prayer station.