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    Monday 6 June 2016 – sandwiches

    Monday 6 June 2016 – sandwiches
    June 6, 2016 Anne Browse
    Maria, Salvation Army in Athens

    Since returning from my week visiting refugee camps in Greece, many simple things here at home have reminded me of things I saw and heard there.

    As I bought a sandwich from the buffet car on my train home to Devon, I was reminded of how the Salvation Army had responded to the first call to help with the large number of refugees who had turned up in Athens. “We got buttering – buttering, buttering, buttering!” said Maria, as we listened to her story of their involvement with the refugees.

    What do you do in a crisis? You make sandwiches. Thousands and thousands of cheese sandwiches. And you offer the love of God, over and over and over again.