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Saturday 11 June 2016 – enjoying hospitality

Saturday 11 June 2016 – enjoying hospitality
June 11, 2016 Anne Browse
President selfie

I have been away from home since Tuesday and have enjoyed hospitality in three different homes, in Mirfield, Brighouse and Sheffield. In each place I have been lovingly and generously looked after. This morning I pack my case again to travel on to Leeds to join the MWiB District there for their Summer Festival. I have run out of photos, so I will risk a selfie this morning!

I continue to think about the refugee families I met in Greece and to wonder how and indeed where they are now. Please continue to pray, if you can, for those for whom home is temporary and uncertain. I am so thankful for my home and for the welcome I receive in the homes of others, and especially at the moment for the memory of those who invited me into their homes in Greece.