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    Tuesday 13 June 2016 – when words are hard to find

    Tuesday 13 June 2016 – when words are hard to find
    June 14, 2016 Anne Browse
    Buckfast Abbey

    I have agonised over how to express a response here to the shootings in Orlando. Even as I write that, the word ‘agonised’ feels inappropriate, selfish, insensitive. This is not about me, it is about people whose lives have been been violated. Even that sentence sounds weak, pathetic, inadequate. Where do we begin with our words? How do we pray? How do we respond?

    I searched for an image of a rainbow, but found instead a photo of the stained glass window in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament at Buckfast Abbey. Christ at the Last Supper, knowing that he would soon face his own death, stretching out his arms to the world…

    If you are struggling for words, Michaela Youngson’s contribution on the Methodist Church website may be helpful.

    Anne Browse