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Saturday 25 June 2016 – Refugee Week

Saturday 25 June 2016 – Refugee Week
June 25, 2016 Anne Browse
Refugee Week 2016

Linda asked me in an email yesterday whether I planned to mention the fact that it was Refugee Week in this blog? I replied that I had been leading assemblies all week in my former secondary school for that very reason, but when I read back over the blog I realised that I had not mentioned Refugee Week specifically! Refugee Week runs until Sunday 26 June 2016, but of course our concern for refugees does not end then! You may still like to visit to see how people have celebrated this year’s theme, Welcome.

My concern today is that there are many people across our world, and in our own country, who for various reasons are not feeling very welcome at the moment. People are feeling unsettled, uncertain, fearful of the future and of whether they will be welcome either in a new country, or indeed in a country which has been ‘home’ for a very long time.

I am posting this in haste, as we have suddenly found a gap in our busy lives to head out to Exmoor for a night away in our motorhome. We have the freedom to make that choice, to opt for a night’s (luxury) camping. Others have a very different lot.