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Sunday 10 July 2016 – Celebrating with London District

Sunday 10 July 2016 – Celebrating with London District
July 10, 2016 Anne Browse
London MWiB concert July 2016

Methodist Conference already feels a distant memory, as I spend another couple of days here in the capital. Last night I shared an evening with the London District MWiB as we enjoyed a diverse medley of talent at their concert evening at Ealing Green United Church. Musicians, dancers, actors, choirs, reciters of poetry all combined to create an evening of wonder and laughter and appreciation.

These Caribbean Quadrille dancers were resplendent in their colourful dresses as they danced in the beautiful space which the refurbished church affords.

Tomorrow morning I head back down to Devon. London life is vibrant and busy and fast moving, but it will be a relief to step off the train at Tiverton and return to family and friends.