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    Tuesday 23 August 2016 – childhood memories

    Tuesday 23 August 2016 – childhood memories
    August 23, 2016 Anne Browse

    As I prepare for the World Assembly in Texas next week I shall start to post blogs again more regularly if I can, so that those of you unable to be there can follow the programme. There will also be a chance to savour ‘A Taste of Texas’ at the World Federation Day on Saturday 29 October in Taunton – details on the MWiB website.

    Today I have come to Newbury to visit family and have realised that although it is hot here, Texas will probably be even hotter! A reminder to think carefully as I pack appropriate clothing for a very warm climate, but with chilly air conditioning in the hotel.

    As I walked down to Newbury Station this afternoon to catch the train back to Devon, I passed this building, which always evokes memories. It was the place where I came every Saturday morning as a child, for my weekly ballet lesson! Dad would get up early and take me and my brother fishing, to give Mum a lie-in, I assume. Home for breakfast and then down to Thatcham Station to catch the steam train to Newbury. A ballet lesson for me, followed by lunch with the family in the Tudor Café – the cold beef and onion roll was my favourite!

    The building now houses various businesses and is no longer a dance studio, but for me it will always be the place where my dance teacher tried valiantly to teach me ballet! I wonder what childhood memories buildings evoke for you?