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Thursday 15 September 2016 – souvenirs

Thursday 15 September 2016 – souvenirs
September 15, 2016 Anne Browse
Souvenirs from World Assembly

People frequently ask me to describe my highlights from the World Assembly. Apart from Alison’s election as World President, which has to be at the top of my list, the next highlight for me would definitely be breakfast. Not the breakfast itself, nor the fact that it was taken standing up around conference-style pedestal tables. The highlight lay in the opportunity to share time with people from all over the world as we juggled coffee and croissants and conversation together first thing each morning.

A blouse, a bag and four bookmarks were among the souvenirs which I brought back with me from the World Assembly. They embody stories, memories of the event which I shall treasure.

The patchwork bag was given to me with a big smile by a woman from Malaysia when she realised that I was President of Methodist Women in Britain. We had shared a breakfast table together, and she handed me the bag with such delight.

The blouse carries another story. On Saturday morning one of the stall holders was wearing this blue chiffon top and I complimented her on it and asked where she had bought it. She answered that it had come from a store somewhere in the US, but that as she had put it on that morning she had said to herself that if anyone complimented her on it she would sell it to them!

The bookmarks are not shown here, beautifully cross-stitched by hand by Revd Margarita Tordorova of Bulgaria. They are safely tucked away to be given as Christmas gifts to four special friends with whom I meet and share stories and fellowship. A taste of Texas, or perhaps rather a bookmark from Bulgaria, bringing a little piece of the wider world back home.

Tomorrow I fly to Belfast to join Methodist Women in Ireland for their residential weekend. I am so excited I can’t sleep, so have decided to post the blog. It is almost midnight!