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Friday 23 September 2016 – post-exec tea party

Friday 23 September 2016 – post-exec tea party
September 23, 2016 Anne Browse
Exec Sept 2016

Today has been a long but strangely rewarding day, as we have worked our way through the MWiB executive agenda here at Methodist Church House. The journey across London in the morning sunshine was a good way to start the day and we were also blessed with a meeting room with windows, rather than down in the depths of the basement. We got through the business with an hour to spare, so went for a final cup of tea in ‘my’ café in Regents Park, which most of the group already knew. We even saw ‘my’ squirrel again, busily unearthing and reburying its cache of horse chestnuts under the fallen leaves. If that makes no sense to you, see my blog of 13 September!

Carolyn and I are now at Paddington, waiting for the 19.03 train to the Westcountry which saves the MWiB budget. Gives us time to share café tables with the Paddington pigeons and write blogs…