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Monday 3 October 2016 – Three Legs in the Irish Sea

Monday 3 October 2016 – Three Legs in the Irish Sea
October 3, 2016 Anne Browse

Today I have continued to reflect on my weekend on the Isle of Man, spurred on by a beautiful book which was given to me by the Methodist Women in Britain there before I came away. It is entitled ‘Three Legs in the Irish Sea’ by Trevor Barrett, with photography by Simon Park and published by Lily Publications. I have been engrossed in its pages for large parts of the day, as I have found pictures of the places we visited and photographs of the wildlife on the Island. It is a veritable mine of information and is consolidating some of my learning of the last three days.

For me the weekend was one of those lovely examples of reciprocal giving. I took something to share with the groups to whom I spoke, and they in turn gave me warmth and hospitality and inspiration. I find that I learn such a lot on my travels around the Connexion and come away with new ideas and new enthusiasm. I now know what a ‘tholtan’ is, too!